The Study of Serum Complement C3, C4 and Immunoglobulin E IgE in Psoriasis Patients Hind Y. khalaf| Talib A. Hussein| Basman M. fadheel

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Baghdad Science Journal


The present study was aimed to find out the role of humoral immunity in the pathogenesis of psoriasis. Complements C3, C4 and immunoglobulin IgE .The study included 55 Iraqi patients with psoriasis 30 (15 females ,15 males) were untreated with any drugs. The other patient group consisted of 25 (9 female and 16 male) treated with a biological treatment (infliximab) ,and 30 (13 males ,12 females) healthy control group. Blood sample were withdrawn (5) ml of venous blood for both patients and members of the control ,to conduct the Immunological tests to determine the quantitative for each of total IgE by using (ELISA) and C3,C4 by Single Radial Immunodiffuse (SIRD). The results showed significant increase in the level of probability (P <0.05) in the rate of total IgE immunoglobulin and C3 in patients compared to the control (healthy) .As well as the result also showed no significant increases of C4. From this we can deduce that elevation of total serum IgE is associated with psoriasis. Alternate pathway is a way of complement in pathogenesis of psoriasis.


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