Generated and shifted of Ion beams By Electrostatic Lenses (Einzel lens) Sabah N.Mazhir

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In this paper, the path of the extracted and focused ions by the electrostatic lense having three electrodes of the same size and shape have been studied. However, the first and third electrodes had a different potential from the second electrode and the distance between any three electrodes was (d).The beams of the charged particles were controlled by using electrostatic fields which are used for accelerating and focusing. This paper focuses also on the effect of electrodes potentials on ion beam focusing. It is found that the best focusing was achieved when the values of the potential of the first and third electrode are equal to half of the value of the second electrode. Concerning transmiting and acumulating the ions beams, the study shows that these beams stayed fixed and steady when their paths were doubled, without any change in extracted beam density. This method is called Plasma Portation.


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