Prevalence of Urinary Schistosomiasis in Al-Rusafah Regions of Baghdad governarate Nuha Khalaf Khalil | Nada Hatam Abdul Rahman | Huda Sa’doon Al Bayati

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Urinary Schistosomiasis is one of important diseases that cause irritation and damage of urinary tract and other systems and tissues and can not be expected by doctors when diagnosing urinary tract diseases.The current study is conducted to investigate the prevalence of schistosomiasisin Baghdad / Al-Rusafa. 191urine samples were collected fromresidents ofsome areas of Al-Rusafain Baghdad governarate (Almashtal, Albaladyat, Alameen, Baghdad aljadida and Alnahrawan) for the period from March until the end of September 2010.The samples were examined by the precipitation and examination of micro hematuria by reagent strips. The total infection percentage was 9.42% (18/191) and was significantly higher in males compared tofemales12.64% (11/87), 6.73% (7/104) respectivly, and in ages <18 years16.07% (11/56) compared to other age groups and a highest infection rate was in May14.71% (5/34) and April 11.54% (3/26). Infection rate was significantly the highest in the area of Albaladyat13.89% (5/36) followed by Alameen11.27% (8/71) .There was no significant difference observed between the infection ratio recorded by each of the examination by sedimentation 9.42% and reagent strips9%.


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