Indirect Method for Optimal Control Problem Using Boubaker Polynomial Eman Hassan Ouda | Samaa Fuad Ibraheem | Imad Noah Ahmed Fahmi

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Baghdad Science Journal


In this paper, a computational method for solving optimal problem is presented, using indirect method (spectral methodtechnique) which is based on Boubaker polynomial. By this method the state and the adjoint variables are approximated by Boubaker polynomial with unknown coefficients, thus an optimal control problem is transformed to algebraic equations which can be solved easily, and then the numerical value of the performance index is obtained. Also the operational matrices of differentiation and integration have been deduced for the same polynomial to help solving the problems easier. A numerical example was given to show the applicability and efficiency of the method. Some characteristics of this polynomial which can be used for solving optimal control problems have been deduced and studied for any future work.


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