Synthesis of new Polyimides Derived from 4- minoantipyrine Sameaa J. K. Al-Bayati | Amaal S. Sadiq |Wasan A. R. Mahmood

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Baghdad Science Journal


In the present study, new five polymers of acryloyl chloride have been synthesized by reaction 4-aminoantipyrine with many substituted acid chloride (A-E). Then condensation of polyacryloyl chloride with the product in one step (A-E), in a suitable solvent in the presence amount of (Et3N) to obtain new polyimides(A1-E5). The prepared compounds were characterized by UV. FT-IR, 1H-NMR and 13C-NMR spectroscopy and measuring of other physical properties such as softening point, melting point and solublities.


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Journal BS. Synthesis of new Polyimides Derived from 4- minoantipyrine. BSJ [Internet]. 4Dec.2016 [cited 7Aug.2020];13(4):0782. Available from:

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