Proposed methods of image recognition depend on the PCA Hilal Hadi Saleh | Abdul Monem S. Rahma |Shaimaa H.Shaker

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This paper suggest two method of recognition, these methods depend on the extraction of the feature of the principle component analysis when applied on the wavelet domain(multi-wavelet). First method, an idea of increasing the space of recognition, through calculating the eigenstructure of the diagonal sub-image details at five depths of wavelet transform is introduced. The effective eigen range selected here represent the base for image recognition. In second method, an idea of obtaining invariant wavelet space at all projections is presented. A new recursive from that represents invariant space of representing any image resolutions obtained from wavelet transform is adopted. In this way, all the major problems that effect the image and change its characteristic are solved through calculating invariant eigen range of the recursive resolution forms of all sub-images coefficient. These approaches employed here as multi-wavelet transform identifier with minimum Mahalanobis distance. All method recognition proposed in this paper are applied on different images. Different tables of image recognition resulted in accurate and fast.


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Journal BS. Proposed methods of image recognition depend on the PCA: Hilal Hadi Saleh | Abdul Monem S. Rahma |Shaimaa H.Shaker. Baghdad Sci.J [Internet]. 2010Mar.7 [cited 2020Nov.28];7(1):146-61. Available from: