A Software Defined Network of Video Surveillance System Based on Enhanced Routing Algorithms

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Mustafa I. Salman et al.


Software Defined Network (SDN) is a new technology that separate the ‎control plane from the data plane. SDN provides a choice in automation and ‎programmability faster than traditional network. It supports the ‎Quality of Service (QoS) for video surveillance application. One of most ‎significant issues in video surveillance is how to find the best path for routing the packets ‎between the source (IP cameras) and destination (monitoring center). The ‎video surveillance system requires fast transmission and reliable delivery ‎and high QoS. To improve the QoS and to achieve the optimal path, the ‎SDN architecture is used in this paper. In addition, different routing algorithms are ‎used with different steps. First, we evaluate the video transmission over the SDN with ‎Bellman Ford algorithm. Then, because the limitation of Bellman ford ‎algorithm, the Dijkstra algorithm is used to change the path when a congestion occurs. Furthermore, the Dijkstra algorithm is used with two ‎controllers to reduce the time consumed by the SDN controller. ‎ POX and Pyretic SDN controllers are used such that POX controller is ‎responsible for the network monitoring, while Pyretic controller is responsible for the ‎routing algorithm and path selection. Finally, a modified Dijkstra algorithm is further proposed and evaluated with two ‎controllers to enhance the performance.  The results show that the modified Dijkstra algorithm outperformed the other approaches in the aspect of QoS parameters.


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