Assessment of Serum Prolactin Level in Patients Women with Rheumatoid Arthritis Rana S. Aboud

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Baghdad Science Journal


The prolactin hormone played role in the many autoimmune disorders. To determine the importance of high levels of prolactin in triggering rheumatoid arthritis, thirty patient's women with hyperprolactinemia aged (20-45) years old have been investigated and compared with twenty five healthy individuals. All the studied groups were carried out to measure the concentration of citrulinated peptide(CCP) by enzyme linked immunosorbent assay( ELISA), antikeratin antibodies (AKA)and antinuclear antibodies(ANA) by indirect fluorescent assay IFAT. There was a significant elevation of CCP concentration compared with control groups (P< 0.05). The percentage of antikeratin antibodies and antinuclear antibodies was (20%, 10%) respectively, and there were significant differences (P< 0.05) between incidences percentage of antikeratin and antinuclear antibodies compared with control groups . This study indicated that women with rheumatoid arthritis may play a role as triggering factor of hyperprolactinemia


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