Benthic Algae in Lower Zab Tributary and Tigris river Riadh Abaas Abdul- Jabar

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Baghdad Science Journal


Benthic algae of Tigris river and one of its northern tributary the lower Zab were study at monthly intervals during Nov. 2001-Oct. 2002. Four sites were selected, a total of 115 species of algae were identified during this study, diatoms was the dominating group (86 species) followed by Chlorophyta (18 species), Cyanophyta (7species), Euglenophyta (2 species) and one species for each of Pyrrophyta and Chryzophyta. Pennate diatoms formed the major density within the identified algae and distributed among all stations especially the species Achnanthes minutissima, Navicula gracilis and Nitzschia palea, the diatoms bloomed in spring and autumn seasons. Bio-diversity and density of benthic algae in Tigris river was affected negatively by the entering waters from Lower Zab tributary, this was indicated by the decreasing values after the confluence.


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