Incidence of nutritional anemia in baghdad and baquba Mothana Abdul-Razaq Al-Omar | Salem Saleh Al-Temimi | Bahera Mahmmod Jafer

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Anaemia is one of the most important problems of malnutrition in the world, especially in countries developing and anemia is associated inextricably important public health and HIV and morbidity and reduced mental capacity This study aims to determine the incidence of anemia for the period 1999-2000 among healthy adults outwardly and its relationship with some variablesjob related study sample included 200 male and 200 Antymn but the cities of Baghdad and Baquba reviewers for central labs


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Journal BS. Incidence of nutritional anemia in baghdad and baquba. BSJ [Internet]. 5Jun.2005 [cited 13Aug.2020];2(2):189-96. Available from:

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