Future Issue for Jun , 2020

Vol 17 No 2 (2020):

Will be published on Jun, 2020



• Immunohistochemical Expression of P16 Protein and TGF β1 in Mice Liver Exposed to Fumonisin B1

Sinai W. Mohammed , Basim M. Khashman , Noorulhuda F. Khalaf , Munira Ch. Ismeeal , Maysaa Kadhim Al-Malkey


• Lack of Association between LCS6 Variant in KRAS Gene with the Occurrence of Breast Tumors in Iraqi Women

Roya H. Al-Haddad , Hameed M. Jasim , Wieeam Abdulfattah Saleh


• Prevalence of Quinolones Resistance Proteins Encoding Genes (qnr genes) and Co-Resistance with β-lactams among Klebsiella pneumoniae Isolates from Iraqi Patients

Mustafa Suhel Mustafa , Rana Mujahid Abdullah


• Seroprevalence and some Demographic Factors Associated with Toxoplasma gondii Infection among Male Population in Duhok Province/Iraq

Janan M. Salih , Wijdan M.S. Mero , Souzan H. Eassa1


• Temperature Impacts on the Cardiac Activity of the Snail Pomacea canaliculata (Lamarck, 1819), from Shatt Al-Arab Region, Basrah, Iraq

Malik H. Ali , Hanaa H. Mohammed , Huda K. Ahmed


• Molecular Analysis of Rifampicin Resistance Conferring Mutations in Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Fairuz H. Abdullah Tawgozy , Bushra K. Qarasnji


• Investigation of the Biochemical and Ultrastructural Mechanisms Underlying the Antimicrobial Activity of Mimusops spp. Extracts

Gehad Abdelmohsen , Gouda T. M. Dawoud , Mahmoud S.M. Mohamed


• Characterization and Biological Activity of Some New Derivatives Derived from Sulfamethoxazole Compound

Sanaa A. Alsahib  


• In Silico Analysis of Regulatory Elements of the Vitamin D Receptor

Shirin Farivar , Roya Amirinejad , Bahar Naghavi gargari , Seyedeh Batool Hassani , Zeinab Shirvani-Farsani 


• Estimating Lipoxygenase and Gamma-glutamyl Transferase Activities in Sera of Colon Cancer Patients with Partial Purification of Lipoxygenase

Muslim Abbas Abd Al-Adlee , Nadia Ahmed Salih Al-Guburi


• A Theoretical Investigation on Chemical Bonding of the Bridged Hydride Triruthenium Cluster: [Ru3 (μ-H)( μ3-κ2-Hamphox-N,N)(CO)9]

Muhsen Abood Muhsen Al-Ibadi , Abrar Taha , Ahlam Hussein Hasan , Duraid Tawfeeq Alkanabi


• Investigation of the Quadrupole Moment and Form Factors of Some Ca Isotopes

Ahmed H. Ali


• Strong Subordination for -valent Functions Involving the Operator Generalized Srivastava-Attiya

Thamer Khalil MS. Al-Khafaji


• New Concepts of Fuzzy Local Function

Raghad Almohammed , Luay A. AL-Swid


• Moving Objects Detection Based on Frequency Domain

Jalal H. Awad , Balsam D. Majeed


• On the Growth of Solutions of Second Order Linear Complex Differential Equations whose Coefficients Satisfy Certain Conditions

Eman A. Hussein , Ayad W. Ali


• Oscillation Criteria for Solutions of Neutral Differential Equations of Impulses Effect with Positive and Negative Coefficients

Hussain Ali Mohamad , Aqeel Falih Jaddoa


• Some properties of finite dimensional fuzzy anti-normed linear spaces

Esraa Alaa Hussein , Radhi I. M. Ali


• Proposing Robust LAD-Atan Penalty of Regression Model Estimation for High Dimensional Data

Ali Hameed Yousif  , Omar Abdulmohsin Ali


• DEO: A Dynamic Event Order Strategy for t-way Sequence Covering Array Test Data Generation

Mohammed Issam Younis


• A Cryptosystem for Database Security Based on TSFS Algorithm

Saad A. Abdulameer , Ali H. Kashmar  Ammar I. Shihab


• Towards Accurate Pupil Detection Based on Morphology and Hough Transform

Maryim Omran , Ebtesam N. AlShemmary