Online First

2022: Issue 1

Milk Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha and Interleukin-1Beta Among Toxoplasma gondii-Free and Infected Women

Alaa Tareq Shakir Al-Hassnawi, Kassim Abdulla Hamza Al-Morshidy, Nuha Yaarub Al-Harbi


An Epidemiological and Multidrug Resistance Study for E. coli Isolated from Urinary Tract Infection (Three Years of Study)

Mahde S. Assafi, Fawwaz F. Ali, Reem Fouad Polis, Nisreen Jawad Sabaly, Sozan Muhsin Qarani


In Situ Hybridization for Molecular Detection of Human Papilloma Viral 6 / 11 DNA in Adenoctomized Tissues from A group of Iraqi Pediatric Patients

Saad Hasan Mohammed Ali, Khalil Ismail A. Mohammed, Wifaq M. Ali, Suha A. AL-Fakhar, Shakir H. Mohammed Al-Alwany, Jinan M. Mousa


Diagnosing Pilgrimage Common Diseases by Interactive Multimedia Courseware

Mazin Abed Mohammed, Itimad Raheem Ali, Omar Ibrahim Obaid


Securing Text Messages Using Graph Theory and Steganography

Samaher Adnan Abdul-Ghani , Renna D. Abdul-Wahhab , Enas Wahab Abood


Effects of the Ferrits Addition on the Properties of Polyethylene Terephthalate

Abbas K. Saadon, Auday Hattem Shaban, Kareem A. Jasim


Physical Properties of Cu Doped ZnO Nanocrystiline Thin Films

Nada K. Abbas , Zainab J. Shanan , Teeba H. Mohammed


2021: Issue 4

QTAIM study of the bonding in triosmium trihydride cluster [Os3(µ-H)3(µ3-ɳ2-CC7H3(2-CH3)NS)(CO)8]

Nadia Ezzat Al-kirbasee, Shatha Raheem Helal Alhimidi, Muhsen Abood Muhsen Al-Ibadi


On (ɱ,ɳ)-Strongly Fully Stably Banach Algebra Modules Related to an Ideal of Am ×ɳ

Radhi Ibraheem Mohammed Ali, Muna Jasim Mohammed Ali, Samira Naji Kadhim


New Spectral Range Generations from Laser-plasma Interaction

Shaimaa S. Mahdi, Kadhim A. Aadim, Madyan A. Khalaf


Fabrication and Characterization of Nanofibers Membranes using Electrospinning Technology for Oil Removal

Amer Naji Al-Naemi, Mohammed Amer Abdul-Majeed, Mustafa H. Al-Furaiji, Inmar N Ghazi


Study of Certain Biomarkers in Iraqi Female Patients with Breast Cancer

Abeer M. Hussain, Ali Hussein Mohammed AL-Khafaji, Alia Hussain Ali, Haider Latif Mohammed


A Prevalence study of Entamoeba spp. in Basrah Province using Different Detection Methods

Athraa Abd-ulameer Al-Hilfy, Maha Khalil Al-Malak, Muslim Abdulrahman Al-Tomah


Association of Circulating MicroRNA-142-3p with Graves Disease

Rashad Ayad Al-Heety, Hayfaa S Al-Hadithi


Boubaker Wavelets Functions: Properties and Applications

Suha N. Shihab , Eman H. Ouda, Samaa F. Ibraheem