Study the Nuclear Structure of Some Even-Even Ca Isotopes Using the Microscopic Theory


  • Ban Sabah Hameed Department of Physics, College of Science for Women, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq.
  • Tabarak Abdulla Alwan Department of Physics, College of Science for Women, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq.



Deformation parameters, Form factor, Occupation numbers, Quadrupole moments, Transition probability


The root-mean square-radius of proton, neutron, matter and charge radii, energy level, inelastic longitudinal form factors, reduced transition probability from the ground state to first-excited 2+ state of even-even isotopes, quadrupole moments, quadrupole deformation parameter, and the occupation numbers for some calcium isotopes for A=42,44,46,48,50 are computed using fp-model space and FPBM interaction. 40Ca nucleus is regarded as the inert core for all isotopes under this model space with valence nucleons are moving throughout the fp-shell model space involving 1f7/2, 2p3/2, 1f5/2, and 2p1/2 orbits. Model space is used to present calculations using FPBM interaction, and with the effects of core-polarization are obtained by the first order core polarization through a microscopic theory is called modified surface delta interaction which allows all higher orbits are excited by particle-hole excitation from the core and model space orbits. Also, each isotope's effective charge is determined by using the collective model by Bohr and Mottelson formula. The current result corresponds to the experimental data by taking into account core polarization effects.


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