Fusion Reaction Study of some Selected Halo Systems





Average angular momentum, Breakup channel, Fusion barrier distribution, Fusion cross section, Halo nuclei


The challenge in studying fusion reaction when the projectile is neutron or proton rich halo nuclei is the coupling mechanism between the elastic and the breakup channel, therefore the motivation from the present calculations is to estimate the best coupling parameter to introduce the effect of coupled-channels for the calculations of the total cross section of the fusion  , the barrier distribution of the fusion   and the average angular momentum 〈L〉 for the systems 6He+206Pb, 8B+28Si, 11Be+209Bi, 17F+208Pb, 6He+238U, 8He+197Au and 15C+232Th using quantum mechanical approach.  A quantum Coupled-Channel Calculations are performed using CC code. The predictions of quantum mechanical approach are comparable with the measured data that is available. Above and below the Coulomb barrier, comparison of theoretical calculations of quantum mechanical with the relevant measured data demonstrates good agreement.


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