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Synthesis, Characterization of New Metal Complexes of Co (II), Cu (II), Cd (II) and Ru (III) from azo ligand 5-((2-(1H-indol-2-yl)ethyl) diazinyl)-2- aminophenol, Thermal and Antioxidant Studies


  • Abbas Ali Salih Al-Hamdani Department of Chemistry, College of Science for Women, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Myasim Qasim Abdulridha Department of Chemistry, College of Science for Women, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq



: Azo ligand, Antioxidant activity, Gallic acid, Thermal studies, Mass spectroscopy


A novel metal complexes Cu (II), Co (II), Cd (II), Ru (III) from azo ligand 5-((2-(1H-indol-2-yl)
ethyl) diazinyl)-2-aminophenol were synthesized by simple substitution of tryptamine with 2-aminophenol.
Structures of all the newly synthesized compounds were characterized by FT IR, UV-Vis, Mass spectroscopy
and elemental analysis. In addition measurements of magnetic moments, molar conductance and atomic
absorption. Then study their thermal stability by using TGA and DSC curves. The DCS curve was used to
calculate the thermodynamic parameters ΔH, ΔS and Δ G. Analytical information showed that all complexes
achieve a metal:ligand ratio of [1:1]. In all complex examinations, the Ligand performs as a tridentate ligand,
connecting Cu (II), Co (II), Cd (II), and Ru (III) ions through the nitrogen atom of amine , azo groups and the
oxygen phenolic group. Cu (II), Co (II), and Cd (II) complexes were characterized as having tetrahedral
geometry, while Ru (III) complex was found to have octahedral geometry. The antioxidant activity of the metal
complexes was assessed against the DPPH radical (1.1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl) and compared to that of a
common natural antioxidant Gallic acid to observe the produced compounds. The results demonstrated ligands
have more antioxidant activity than metal complexes.


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