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  • Yahia Awad Department of Mathematics and Physics, School of Arts and Sciences, Lebanese International University, Bekaa, Lebanon
  • Ramiz Hindi Department of Mathematics and Physics, School of Arts and Sciences, Lebanese International University, Saida, Lebanon
  • Haissam Chehade Department of Mathematics and Physics, School of Arts and Sciences, Lebanese International University, Saida, Lebanon and Department of Mathematics and Physics, School of Arts and Sciences, The International University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon.



Deterministic test, Mersenne numbers, Primality test, Probabilistic test, Proth numbers.


In this article, a new deterministic primality test for Mersenne primes is presented. It also includes a comparative study between well-known primality tests in order to identify the best test. Moreover, new modifications are suggested in order to eliminate pseudoprimes. The study covers random primes such as Mersenne primes and Proth primes. Finally, these tests are arranged from the best to the worst according to strength, speed, and effectiveness based on the results obtained through programs prepared and operated by Mathematica, and the results are presented through tables and graphs.


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