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On Semigroup Ideals and Right n-Derivation in 3-Prime Near-Rings


  • Enaam Farhan Department of Supervisory Specialization, Directorate General of Education in AL-Qadisiyah, AL-Qadisiyah, Iraq.



Generalized right derivations, Prime near-ring, Right derivations, Right n –derivations, Semigroup ideals


 The current paper studied the concept of right n-derivation satisfying certified conditions on semigroup ideals of near-rings and some related properties. Interesting results have been reached, the most prominent of which are the following: Let M be a 3-prime left near-ring and A_1,A_2,…,A_n are nonzero semigroup ideals of M, if d is a right n-derivation of M satisfies on of the following conditions,
d(u_1,u_2,…,(u_j,v_j ),…,u_n )=0 ∀ 〖 u〗_1 〖ϵA〗_1 ,u_2 〖ϵA〗_2,…,u_j,v_j ϵ A_j,…,〖u_n ϵA〗_u;
d((u_1,v_1 ),(u_2,v_2 ),…,(u_j,v_j ),…,(u_n,v_n ))=0 ∀u_1,v_1 〖ϵA〗_1,u_2,v_2 〖ϵA〗_2,…,u_j,v_j ϵ A_j,…,〖u_n,v_n ϵA〗_u ;
d((u_1,v_1 ),(u_2,v_2 ),…,(u_j,v_j ),…,(u_n,v_n ))=(u_j,v_j ) ∀ u_1,v_1 〖ϵA〗_1 ,u_2,v_2 〖ϵA〗_2,…,u_j,v_j ϵ A_j,…,〖u_n,v_n ϵA〗_u;
If d+d is an n -additive mapping from A_1×A_2×…×A_n to M;
d(u_1,u_2,…,(u_j,v_j ),…,u_n)∈ Z(M) ∀〖 u〗_1 〖ϵA〗_1 ,u_2 〖ϵA〗_2,…,u_j,v_j ϵ A_j,…,〖u_n ϵA〗_u,;
d((u_1,v_1 ),(u_2,v_2 ),…,(u_j,v_j ),…,(u_n,v_n ))∈ Z(M) ∀ u_1,v_1 〖ϵA〗_1 ,u_2,v_2 〖ϵA〗_2,…,u_j,v_j ϵ A_j,…,〖u_n,v_n ϵA〗_u;
Then M is a commutative ring.


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