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On Hyper ρ/δ-Algebra


  • Marwah Abdulridha Kaseb Ministry of Education, General Directorate of Basrah Education, Basrah, Iraq
  • Zainab Abdulameer Hamzah Ministry of Education, General Directorate of Basrah Education, Basrah, Iraq



Keywords: Hyper ρ/δ-algebra, hyper ρ/δ-ideal, hyper -ideal, Hyper ρ/δ-subalgebra, ρ/δ-algebra


    In this work, new concepts of algebra structures such as hyper algebra, Hyper algebra were defined. These concepts are introduced by using a hyper operation * on   is a mapping from   to the non-empty power set     i.e.    , ,   and    defined as     and        .  Let     be a hyper structure such that , in hyper structure   a hyper order is a relation was defined by      , with some properties. Also, some examples to illustrate our notions are given. And the relationship between these concepts is also discussed.


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