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The effect of heat transformation and rotation on Sutterby fluid peristaltic flow in an inclined, asymmetric channel with the porousness


  • Asmaa A. Mohammed Department of Mathematics, College of Science, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq & Department of Biology, College of Science for Women, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Liqaa Zeki Hummady Department of Mathematics, College of Science, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq



Heat transform, Magnetic field, Peristaltic flow, Porousness, Sutterby fluid


In this paper, the effect of the rotation variable and other variables on the peristaltic flow of Sutterby fluid in an Inclined asymmetric channel containing a porous medium with heat transfer is examined. In the presence of rotation, mathematical modeling is developed using constitutive equations based on the model of Sutterby fluid. In flow analysis, assumptions such as long wavelength approximation and low Reynolds number are used. The resulting nonlinear ordinary differential equation was analytically solved using the perturbation method. The effects of the Grashof number, the Hartmann number, the Reynold number, the Froude number, the Hall parameter, the Darcy number, the magnetic field, the Sutterby fluid parameter, and heat transfer analysis on the stream function, and the pressure gradient are analyzed graphically. Utilizing MATHEMATICA software, numerical results were computed. It is discovered that the size of boluses decreases as some parameters increase, whereas the pressure gradient is directly proportional to the majority of parameters.


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