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Analyzing the Nuclear Structure of 13O-13B and 13N-13C Mirror Nuclei




Electric quadrupole moment, Energy level, Magnetic dipole moment, Mirror nuclei, Occupancies


In the context of the shell model, electromagnetic transitions were used to analyze the nuclear structure of a mirror nucleus with the same mass number, A = 13. The shell model investigation was performed by calculating the root mean square (rms) for the proton, neutron, matter and charge radii, occupancies, the excitation energies, as well as electromagnetic moments, using the elements of a body density matrix of the PSDMOD two-body effective interactions carried out in the psdpn-shell model space. The present results adopted the harmonic oscillator's single particle eigen functions and Hartree-Fock approximation. In addition, the effect of core polarization was added using the effective charge and effective g factors to calculate electromagnetic moments. To acquire a fair analysis of the information, the core polarization has to be present. The outcomes were compared with experimental data


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