Kinetic Model for Solute Diffusion in Liquid Membrane Systems Juan Abdul-Wahid O. Al-Naisani |Eman T. Kareem| Yousif I. AbuZaid | Taki A. Himdan

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Baghdad Science Journal


In this study, a mathematical model for the kinetics of solute transport in liquid membrane systems (LMSs) has been formulated. This model merged the mechanisms of consecutive and reversible processes with a “semi-derived” diffusion expression, resulting in equations that describe solute concentrations in the three sections (donor, acceptor and membrane). These equations have been refined into linear forms, which are satisfying in the special conditions for simplification obtaining the important kinetic constants of the process experimentally.


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Journal BS. Kinetic Model for Solute Diffusion in Liquid Membrane Systems. BSJ [Internet]. 5Jun.2016 [cited 5Aug.2020];13(2.2NCC):0048. Available from:

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