Publication charge policy and waiver policy statement 

Baghdad Science Journe is an open access journal, so there are no subscription fees. The journal is charged for a single accepted manuscript (10 pages) of 175000 IQD or $150 to support publishing service costs. There is not charged until the manuscript is accepted for publication and not affect any editorial decisions.  

The journal waiver policy statement is:

-No fees required for developing countries with low income countries according to the World Bank Country classification by Income level

While other authors should pay the publishing fee as follows:

  1. Author residing in Iraq:
    The amount of (175,000) IQD for publication fees after acceptance of the manuscript.
  2. Authors residing outside Iraq have to pay the fee publication of $150.
  3. Payment method: the payment can pay through :

    1. Money transfer services for Iraqi residing authors
    2. Western Union for authors residing outside Iraq to the following address:

      Name: Sara Jafer Abbas (سارة جعفر عباس محمد  )
      ID: 198918767755
      Tel: +964 780 943 0493

      Address: College of Science for Women, University of Baghdad,
      Baghdad, Iraq.

    3. PayPal:

      To the following account:

      - [email protected]
      Please note that there is an additional fee of $5 when using PayPal.


    After sending your payment, please provide the scan copy of payment
    and inform us via journal’s email ([email protected]).
    Journal of Baghdad for Science
    College of Science for Women
    University of Baghdad
    Al-Jadirya/ Baghdad P.O. Box 4732