A. Author residing in Iraq:
1. The publication fees is (200,000) IQD for a max of 15 pages after acceptance (if more pages were required the author should pay 5000 IQD for each extra page).
of the manuscript
2. The journal will be providing one hard copy of the journal number
and five copies of the manuscript.
B. Authors residing outside Iraq:
1. No fees required for developing countries with low income countries, according to the World Bank Country classification by Income level.
2. Elsewhere fee publication: $160.

Payment method

the payment can pay through:

1. Money transfer services for Iraqi residing authors:

Name: Sara Jafer Abbas

ID: 198918767755
Tel: +964 780 943 0493


Address: College of Science for Women, University of Baghdad,
Baghdad, Iraq.

2- PayPal:

To the following account:

- [email protected]
Please note that there is an additional fee of $5 when using PayPal.

After sending your payment, please provide the scan copy of payment
and inform us via journal’s email ([email protected]).

Note: We only receive payment through the mentioned methods, any other documents must be sent directly to the journal's office.
Journal of Baghdad for Science
College of Science for Women
University of Baghdad
Al-Jadirya/ Baghdad P.O. Box 4732