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Baghdad Science Journal is a refereed quarterly scientific journal ( from 2004 - 2021) issued by College of Science for Women/ University of Baghdad. It publishes scientific papers in the following fields:

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Aims and Scope

The journal publishes academic and applied papers dealing with recent topics and scientific concepts. Papers considered for publication in biology, chemistry, computer sciences, physics, and mathematics. Accepted papers will be freely downloaded by professors, researchers, instructors, students, and interested workers. ( Open Access) Published Papers are registered and indexed in the universal libraries.


About this Journal

Earlier issues, since 2004, were published under the title " Um Salama Journal ". The new title "Baghdad Science Journal" was firstly commissioned in 2009. The Journal obtained two Acknowledgment Letters in 2009 and 2012 from the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. A quarterly journal that publishes four issues per year.


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Baghdad Science Journal is an open access journal, therefore there are no fees required for downloading any publication from the journal website by authors, readers, and institutions. The journal applies the license of CC BY (a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license). For more information please follow the link

Online First

2023: Online-First (3)

Synthesis and Characterization of Calcium Oxide Impregnated on Silica from Duck Egg Shells and Rice Husks as Heterogeneous Catalysts for Biodiesel Synthesis

Haryono Haryono, Safri Ishmayana, Isy Fauziyah
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Kinetic Study of Polymerization Isopropylacrylamide in Aqueous Solution

Ameen Hadi Mohammed, Hala Rahman Noormohamad
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Indirect Flow Injection Spectrophotometric and Chromatographic Methods for the Determination of Mebendazole in Pharmaceutical Formulations

Idrees F. Al-Momani, Raghad I. Al Souqi
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Diversity Operators-based Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm to Solve Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem

Alaa Wagih Abdulqader, Sura Mazin Ali
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Experimental Investigation of the Mechanical and Structural Properties of a Functionally Graded Material by Adding Alumina Nanoparticles Using A Centrifugal Technique

Adwaa Mohammed abdulmajeed, Ahmed Fadhil Hamzah
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Small Nuclear RNA 64 (snoRNA64): A novel Tumor Biomarker for Pancreatic Cancer

Rana Alfardan
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Synthesis and investigation of structural and optical properties of CdO: Ag nanoparticles of various concentrations

Suaad A. Muhammed , Nada K. Abass
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Generalized Left Derivations with Identities on Near-Rings

Enaam Farhan
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Phenol Content and Peroxidase Enzyme Activity in Soybean Infected with Xanthomonas axonopodis pv glycines with the Application of Bacillus subtilis JB12 and Bacillus velezensis ST32

Suhartiningsih Dwi Nurcahyanti, Wiwiek Sri Wahyuni, Rachmi Masnilah, Anggi Anwar Hendra Nurdika
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Quantum Theory of Atom in Molecules Investigation Trinuclear Ruthenium: DFT Approach

Manal Abed Mohammed
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Improving Wireless Sensor Network Security Using Quantum Key Distribution

Laith H. Alhasnawy, Ameer K. AL-Mashanji
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

A Comparative Study of the Photostabilization of Polyvinyl Chloride with Nano and Micro Nickel Oxide

B. E. Jasim, Ahmed A. Ahmed, N. A.A. Aboud
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Effect of Green-biosynthesis Aluminum Nanoparticles (Al NPs) on Salmonella enterica Isolated from Baghdad City

Zahraa A. AlShaheeb, Zaid A. Thabit, Asma G. Oraibi
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0


Yahia Awad, Ramiz Hindi, Haissam Chehade
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Newton-Kantorovich Method for Solving One of the Non-Linear Sturm-Liouville Problems

Hussien A. H. Abugirda, Khaldoun S. Al-Yasiri, Mohammed Kh. Abdullah
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

A Comparative Study on Association Rule Mining Algorithms on the Hospital Infection Control Dataset

Yahya Asmar Zakur, Seyed Bagher Mirashrafi, Laith Rezouki Flaih
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Impact of some environmental parameters on phytoplankton diversity in the eastern Al-Hammer marsh / southern Iraq

Ebtehal M. Jaffer, Nida J. Al-Mousawi, Imad J. M Al-Shawi
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Lead acetate deteriorates the improvement effect of L-arginine and tetrahydrobiopterin on endothelin-1 receptors activity in rat aorta

Zhikal Omar Khudhur, Ismail Mustafa Maulood Maulood
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Qualitative and Quantitative Determination of Dapagliflozin Propanediol Monohydrate and Its Related Substances and Degradation Products Using LC-MS and Preparative Chromatography Methods

Ali Ismail, Mohammad Haroun, Youssef Alahmad
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Antibiotic Resistance of Staphylococcus Sp. Isolated from Air, Surface, Food and Clinical samples Collected from Baghdad Hospital

Shahad R. Sabbar, Adel H. Talib, Saad S. Fakhry
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Synthesis, Characterization of New Metal Complexes of Co (II), Cu (II), Cd (II) and Ru (III) from azo ligand 5-((2-(1H-indol-2-yl)ethyl) diazinyl)-2- aminophenol, Thermal and Antioxidant Studies

Abbas Ali Salih Al-Hamdani, Myasim Qasim Abdulridha
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

New Records of Non-Diatom Algae in Aquatic Habitat along Greater Zab River Path from Bekhma to Gwer District in Erbil Province, Iraq

Chiyai M. Shareef, Farhad H. Aziz
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Synthesis, Characterization and Theoretical Investigation of Innovative Chargetransfer Complexes Derived from the N-phenyl 3,4-selenadiazo Benzophenone Imine

Nuha Hussain Al-Saadawy, Haider Shanshool Mohammed
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Isolation and Identification of Polyethylene Terephthalate Degrading Bacteria from Shatt Al-Arab and Sewage Water of Basrah City

Eman Aboob Mukhaifi, Hala Sabry Al-Atbi, Suhyila Fadhil Ali
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Numerical Modeling of Renal Ionic Equilibrium for Implantable Kidney Applications

Saleh Massoud, Ayham Darwich, Ebrahim Ismaiel
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

2023: Online-First (2)

Synthesis and Characterization of Grafted Chitosan Blending with Polyvinyl alcohol / Nanocomposite and Study Biological Activity

Ruwaidah S. Saeed, Hanaa G. Attiya, Kawther Ayad Obead
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Biological peculiarities of Leucozonella retteri

Zafar M. Makhmudjonov, Khayrullo B. Khakimov, Nilufar A. Mekhmonova, Shakhzoda R. Nasriddinova, Seytveli S. Abdurashitov
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Nonlinear Ritz Approximation for the Camassa-Holm Equation by Using the Modify Lyapunov-Schmidt method

hadeel G. Abd Ali, Mudhir A. Abdul Hussain
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Dynamics of Predator-prey Model under Fluctuation Rescue Effect

Ghassan E. Arif, Jawdat Alebraheem, Warif B. Yahia
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Evaluation of the cytotoxic effects of the colchicine compound isolated from the leaves of Calotropis procera (Ait) against MCF-7 and SK-GT-4 cancer cell lines.

Muna A.Y. Al-Mussawii, Emad Y. A. AL-Sultan, Maytham A. AL-Hamdani
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Ghrelin and Obestatin Levels as a Novel Marker in Iraqi Obese Children

Noor Thair Tahir, Wafaa Raji ALfatlawi, Walaa Ahmed AL Jedda
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Impacts of Denial-of-Service Attack on Energy Efficiency Pulse Coupled Oscillator

Faisal Osman Hassan, Nasrina M Samir, Zurina Mohd Hanapi
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Watermark Based on Singular Value Decomposition

Ali Abdulazeez Mohammed Baqer Qazzaz, Neamah Enad Kadhim
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Detecting DNA of multispecies dinoflagellate cysts in the sediment from three estuaries of Makassar strait and fishing port using CO1 primer: Is it CO1 primer suitable for detecting DNA dinoflagellate?

Nita Rukminasari, Andi Aliah Hidayani , Andi Parenrengi, Sapto Andriyono
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Effects of Water Stress, Nitrogen, Magnesium and their Interactions on Some Growth Characteristics and Essential Oil content of Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis L.)

Nahla M. A. Khaleel, Abdulghany O. I. Sarmamy
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

The Influence of Ablation Speed on the Synthesis of Carbon Nanostructures Via Pulsed Laser Ablation of Asphalt in Ethanol

Huda Mahmood Al-attar, Mohanad Mousa Azzawi
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Green synthesis of CdS:Sn NPs by Starch as a Covering Agent and Studying its Physical Properties

zainab yaaqoub, Nada K. Abbas
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Gaussian Integer Solutions of the Diophantine Equation x^4+y^4=z^3 for x≠ y

Shahrina Ismail , Kamel Ariffin Mohd Atan , Diego Sejas Viscarra , Kai Siong Yow
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Estimation of Apelin Levels in Iraqi Patients with Type II Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

Hadel Khalid Jaid, Fayhaa Muqdad Khaleel , Isam Noori Salman, Baydaa Ahmed Abd
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Using VGG Models with Intermediate Layer Feature Maps for Static Hand Gesture Recognition

Osamah Y. Fadhil, Bashar S. Mahdi , Ayad R. Abbas
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Numerical Investigation, Error Analysis and Application of Joint Quadrature Scheme in Physical Sciences

Saumya Ranjan Jena, Damayanti Nayak, Mitali Madhumita Acharya, Satya Kumar Misra
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Synthesis and Characterization of Co-Polymer (Styrene / Allyl 2,3,4,6-tetra-O-acetyl-β-D-glucopyranoside) and Studying some of its thermal properties

Yousef Wadouh, Rana Ghenem, Warda Khalil, Mohammad Keshe
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Synthesis, characterization, molecular docking, ADMET prediction, and anti-inflammatory activity of some Schiff bases derived from salicylaldehyde as a potential cyclooxygenase inhibitor

Narmin Hamaamin Hussen
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Small Horizontal Wind Turbine Design and Aerodynamic Analysis Using Q-Blade Software

Othman K. Zidane, Yaseen H. Mahmood
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Modeling and Analyzing the Influence of Fear on the Harvested Modified Leslie-Gower Model

Abdul Rahman Mahmoud Jamil, Raid Kamel Naji
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Synthesis and Study of the Antimicrobial Activity of Modified Polyvinyl Alcohol Films Incorporated with Silver Nanoparticles

Basma J. Ahmed, Maida H. Saleem, Fadhel S. Matty
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Solid Waste Treatment Using Multi-Criteria Decision Support Methods Case Study Lattakia City

Raed Jafar, Zahraa Alhindawee, Haytham Shahin, Adel Awad
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Best Proximity Point Theorem for α ̃–ψ ̃-Contractive Type Mapping in Fuzzy Normed Space

Raghad I. Sabri, Buthainah A. A. Ahmed
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

The Necessary and Sufficient Optimality Conditions for a System of FOCPs with Caputo–Katugampola Derivatives

Moataz Abbas Holel , Sameer Qasim Hasan
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Molecular detection by some virulence genes of Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica isolated from the stool of children with diarrhea

Mohammed Nadhir Maaroof, Ahmed Hussein Dhayea
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

2023: Online-First (1)

Performance Evaluation of a Triple Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger Using Deionized Water and Oil-40

Huda Majid Hasen
Abstract 0 pdf | Downloads 0

Corrosion Inhibition of Medium Carbon Steel in the Acidic Medium Using Alcoholic and Aqueous Extract of Kujarat Tea Plant

Suhad S. Mohammed, Layla A. Aljebur
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Bioethanol Production by Candida tropicalis Isolated from Sheep Dung

Furdos Noori. Jafer
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

An Application of the Banzhaf Values for Cooperating Among Producers of Waste Processing in the Al-Mahmudiya Factory

Huda Hadi, Jabbar Abbas
Abstract 0 pdf | Downloads 0

A Developed Colorimetric Assay Using Unmodified Gold Nanoparticles for the Identification of Acinetobacter baumannii Isolates from Different Clinical Samples

Mohamed M. Sehree, Amani M. Al-Kaysi, Hanaa N. Abdullah
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

A Statistical Study of the Amount of Radiation Generated from Communication Towers in the Nineveh Plain Region, Baghdeda

Ilham M. Yacoob, Rajaa A. Basheer , Raed Sabeeh Karyakos, Malik H. Kheder
Abstract 0 pdf | Downloads 0

Phytochemical composition, total phenolic content and antioxidant activity of Anadara granosa (Linnaeus, 1758) collected from the east coast of South Sumatra, Indonesia

Rozirwan, Nanda, Redho Yoga Nugroho, Gusti Diansyah, Muhtadi, Fauziyah, Wike Ayu Eka Putri, Andi Agussalim
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Mathematical Models Used for Brachytherapy Treatment Planning Dose Calculation Algorithms

Shefali Kanwar, Surbhi Gupta
Abstract 0 pdf | Downloads 0

The Classical Continuous Optimal Control for Quaternary Nonlinear Parabolic Boundary Value Problems

Jamil A. Ali Al-Hawasy , Wissam A. Abdul-Hussien Al-Anbaki
Abstract 0 pdf | Downloads 0

Reducing the Mutual Coupling of Cylindrical Circular Microstrip Antennas (CCMAs) Array Using EBG Structure

Nabeel Abbas Areebi
Abstract 0 pdf | Downloads 0

Kinetic and Theoretical Study of Removal Gentian Violet from Aqueous Solution Using Stachy Plant

Zhahraa A. Mahmood, Ahlam M Farhan, Nafeesa J Kadhim, Muna S Hade
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Isolation and Classification of Green Alga Stigeoclonium attenuatum and Evaluation of its Ability to Prepare Zinc Oxide Nanoflakes for Methylene Blue Photodegradation by Sunlight

Marwa A. Aubaeed, Amjed Mirza Oda, Emad Y.A. AL-Sultan
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

The Effect of Electrospinning Parameters on Morphological and Mechanical Properties of PAN-based Nanofibers Membrane

Haneen S. Al-Okaidy , Basma I. Waisi
Abstract 0 pdf | Downloads 0

An evaluation of waste and well water quality for agriculture production around Erbil city, Iraq

Abdulqader M. Youni, Dlshad A. Darwesh
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Digital Data Encryption Using a Proposed W-Method Based on AES and DES Algorithms

Wisam Abed Shukur ; Luheb Kareem Qurban , Ahmed Aljuboori
Abstract 0 pdf | Downloads 0

First record of peregrine shrimp Metapenaeus stebbingi Nobili, 1904 (Crustacea, Decapoda: Penaeidae) in the Iraqi waters, North-West Arabian Gulf

Tariq H Y Al-Maliky, Raghad Zaidan Khalaf, Adib H Zeini
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Degradation of Indigo Dye Using Quantum Mechanical Calculations

Halla T. Mohammed , Ahmed M. Kamil , Hayder M. Abduljalil , Abbas A- Ali Drea , Mohammed A. Al-Seady
Abstract 0 pdf | Downloads 0

Spectrophotometric Determination of Micro Amount of Chromium (III) Using Sodium 4-((4,5-diphenyl-imidazol-2-yl)diazenyl)-3-hydroxynaphthalene-1-sulfonate in the Presence of Surfactant, Study of Thermodynamic Functions and Their Analytical Applications

Hawraa Abdul Hadi Abdul Ameer , Alaa Frak Hussain
Abstract 0 pdf | Downloads 0

Synthesis, Anticancer and Antibacterial Activity of Mannose-based bis-1,2,3-Triazole Derivatives

Lamyaa Salih Mahdi, Adnan Ibrahim Mohammed, Majed Jari Mohammed
Abstract 0 pdf | Downloads 0

A New Model Design for Combating COVID -19 Pandemic Based on SVM and CNN Approaches

Sura Monther Alnedawe , Hadeel K. Aljobouri
Abstract 0 pdf | Downloads 0

An Effective Hybrid Deep Neural Network for Arabic Fake News Detection

Tahseen A. Wotaifi , Ban N. Dhannoon
Abstract 0 pdf | Downloads 0

Eco-Friendly Synthesized of CuO Nanoparticles Using Anchusa strigosa L. Flowers and Study its Adsorption Activity

Safaa Ali Khit, Eman Talib Kareem , Ihsan Mahdi Shaheed
Abstract 0 pdf | Downloads 0

The Ecological Risk Assessment of Mercury Contamination in a Mangrove Ecosystem of the Segara Anakan Cilacap, Indonesia

Endang Hilmi, Teuku Junaidi, Arif Mahdiana, Rose Dewi
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Using microalga Coelastrella sp. to remove some nutrients from wastewater invitro

Muzhda Qasim Qader, Yahya Ahmed Shekha
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Total Global Dominator Coloring of Trees and Unicyclic Graphs

Chithra K. P., Joseph Mayamma
Abstract 0 pdf | Downloads 0

2022: Online-First (3)

Design and construction of anair pollution detection system using a laser beam and absorption spectroscopy

Faten Abdel-Wahhab Abdel-Razzaq, Sameer Khudhur Yaseen, Ayad Abdul Razzak Dhaigham
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Design and study the effect of inner bore diameter on the magnetic and optical properties of the unipolar lens

Mohammed.K.A. AL- Janan, R.Y. J. AL-Salih
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Determination of fungal and parasitic infections caused vaginitis: molecular identification of Candida parapsilosis in Al-Nasiriyah city, Iraq

Enas R. Alwaily, Mohammed H. Flaih, Meethaq S. Abood, Khwam R. Hussein
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Mesenchymal and stemness transdifferentiation via in-vitro infection of T24 cell line with Klebsiella pneumoniae

Romaila Abd-El-Raouf, Salama A. Ouf, Maha G. Haggag, Khaled F. El-Yasergy, Mahmoud M. Zakaria
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Spatiotemporal Modeling in Wireless Communication Networks

Manhal K. AlQaysi, Suhad Faisal Behadili, Ali Salam
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Some Subclasses of Univalent and Bi-Univalent Functions Related to K-Fibonacci Numbers and Modified Sigmoid Function

Amal Madhi Rashid, Abdul Rahman S. Juma
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Estimation of Parameters for the Gumbel Type-I Distribution under Type-II Censoring Scheme

Asuman Yılmaz, Mahmut Kara
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Topological Indices Polynomials of Domination David Derived Networks

Anjaneyulu Mekala, Vijaya Chandra Kumar U, R. Murali
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Modeling The Power Grid Network Of Iraq

Rasha Al-Jarah, Manar Y. Kashmola
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Concentrations, Sources and Distribution of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAHs) Compounds in Basrah soils, Iraq

Fadya M. Saleem, Makia M. Al-Hejuje, Hamid T. Al-Saad
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Gogny interaction and nuclear charge distribution in 48Ca Nucleus

Raad Falih, Firas Z. Majeed
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Synthesis and Characterization of Some New Pyridine and Pyrimidine Derivatives and Studying Their Biological Activities

Israa R. A. Al-Hussein, Zainab A. M. Al-Shuhaib
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Batch and flow injection spectrophotometric methods for determination of Ceftazidime in pharmaceutical formulations

Huda abdulkareem , Mohammed Jasim M Hassan
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Role of IL-37 and Dectin-1 during Toxoplasmosis

Zahra’a A. Ahmed, Ekhlas M. Idan, Naksheen M. Ardalan
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Biochemical Study on the Impact of Radiation-induced Oxidative Stress on Radiographers in the X-ray and CT-scan Departments

Salih Omer Haji , Jian Lateif Hussein
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Comparison of Faster R-CNN and YOLOv5 for Overlapping Objects Recognition

Muhamad Munawar Yusro, Rozniza Ali, Muhammad Suzuri Hitam
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

The role of Adipocytokines, Vitamin D, and C in Colorectal Cancer

Akam Jasim Mustafa, Hazhar M. Balaky, Parween Abdulsamad Ismail
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Determination of essential and trace elements in various vegetables using ICP-MS

Bashdar Abuzed Sadee, Rasul Jameel Ali
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

In vitro isolation and expansion of neural stem cells NSCs

Maeda H. Mohammad , Aous Kahtan Almzaien, Ahmad A. Al-Joubory, Ahmed M. Al-Shammari, Ayser A. Ahmed, Hiba K. Shaker, Aseel K. Abedalsattar
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Mn(II),Fe(III),Co(II)and Rh(III) complexes with azo ligand: Synthesis, characterization, thermal analysis and bioactivity

Shaima Mohammed Reda, Abbas Ali Salih Al-Hamdani
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Green synthesis of nano binary oxide SiO2/V2O5 NPs integrated ointment cream application on wound dressings and skin cancer cells

Marwa Ali, Abbas A-Ali Drea
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Effective Computational Methods for Solving the Jeffery-Hamel Flow Problem

Majeed A. AL-Jawary, Othman Mahdi Salih
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Simultaneous Determination of Piroxicam and Codeine Phosphate Hemihydrate in a Pharmaceutical Dosage Form Using Validated HPLC Method

Ammar Alsaqqa, Jameela A. Hasian, Anton M. Al-Laham
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Comparison Study between Adipsin Levels in Sera of Iraqi Patients with Diabetes and Neuropathy

Layla Othman Farhan, Baydaa Ahmed Abed, AshganSlman Dawood
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

Physiological and Hormonal Effects of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles on Thyroid and Kidney Functions

Noori Mohammed Luaibi, Raghda Ali Mohammed
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 0

2022: Online-First (2)

Spectrophotometric Analysis of Vancomycin Hydrochloride in Pure and Pharmaceutical Injections via Batch and Cloud Point Extraction Techniques

Hind S. Al-ward Al-ward, Mouayed Q. Al-Abachi, Mohammed R. Ahmed
Abstract 2 PDF | Downloads 0

Analysis of Adipokines and some Steroid Hormones in Myocardial Infarction

Araz M Yousif, Parween A Ismail, Chalak A Ismail
Abstract 1 PDF | Downloads 3

Spectrophotometric Determination of Salbutamol Sulphate and Isoxsuprine Hydrochloride in Pharmaceutical Formulations

Zeena Z. Al Abdali, Nagham N. Habeeb, Elham S. Salih
Abstract 7 PDF | Downloads 9

Iraqi porcelanite Rocks for Efficient Removal of Safranin Dye from Aqueous Solution

Eman Talib Kareem, Ali Hussein Chafat, Muneer A. Al-Da’amy
Abstract 2 PDF | Downloads 3

Correlation Expression between P52 and BCL2 among Iraqi Women with Breast Carcinoma

Israa Mahdi Al-Sudani, Ali Hussein Mohammed Ali AlKhafaji , Reyadh Salim Mohammed
Abstract 2 PDF | Downloads 4

Carbon Nanotubes: Synthesis via Flame Fragment Deposition (FFD) Method from Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Samaa S. Mahmood, Falah H. Hussien, Abbas J. Atiyah
Abstract 8 PDF | Downloads 6

Equilibrium, Kinetic, and Thermodynamic Study of Removing Methyl Orange Dye from Aqueous Solution Using Zizphus spina-christi Leaf Powder

Fadya F. Mohammed
Abstract 2 PDF | Downloads 3

Synthesis, Spectroscopy of New Lanthanide Complexes with Schiff Base Derived From (4-Antipyrinecarboxaldehyde with Ethylene Di-Amine) and Study the Bioactivity

Kawther Adeeb Hussein, Shatha Mahdi ; Naser Shaalan
Abstract 7 PDF | Downloads 4

A Theoretical Study of the Docking of Medicines with some Proteins

Ammar Abdulsattar Ibrahim
Abstract 2 PDF | Downloads 3

Coincidence of Fixed Points with Mixed Monotone Property

Amal M. Hashim, Ali A. Kazem
Abstract 1 PDF | Downloads 4

New sizes of complete (k, 4)-arcs in PG(2,17)

Zainab Shehab Hamed
Abstract 1 PDF | Downloads 4

Detour Polynomials of Generalized Vertex Identified of Graphs

Ahmed M. Ali, Haveen J. Ahmed, Gashaw A. Mohammed Saleh
Abstract 1 PDF | Downloads 6

Some K-Banhatti Polynomials of First Dominating David Derived Networks

Anjaneyulu Mekala, Vijaya Chandra Kumar U, R. Murali
Abstract 5 PDF | Downloads 5

Honeyword Generation Using a Proposed Discrete Salp Swarm Algorithm

Yasser A. Yasser , Ahmed T. Sadiq, DR. Wasim AlHamdani
Abstract 9 PDF | Downloads 5

COVID-19 Diagnosis Using Spectral and Statistical Analysis of Cough Recordings Based on the Combination of SVD and DWT

Thabit Sultan Mohammed, Awni Ismail Sultan, Khattab M. Ali Alheeti, Karim Mohammed Aljebory, Hasan Ismail Sultan, Muzhir Shaban Al-Ani
Abstract 12 PDF | Downloads 12

Development and Validation of a Simple and Sensitive Reverse-Phase High Performance Liquid Chromatographic Method for the Determination of Ibuprofen in Pharmaceutical Suspensions

Kenan G. Elias, Yumen Hilal
Abstract 1 PDF | Downloads 3

Interior Visual Intruders Detection Module Based on Multi-Connect Architecture MCA Associative Memory

Emad I Abdul Kareem
Abstract 9 PDF | Downloads 3

Characterization of a novel pathway for xanthene degradation by the engineered strain Sphingobium yanoikuyae B1DR

Rayan M. Faisal, Ahmed Y. Al-Shiti
Abstract 3 PDF | Downloads 3

Physiological and Hormonal Effects of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles on Thyroid Function and the Impact on Bodyweight in Male Rats

Noori Mohammed Luaibi, Raghda Ali Mohammed
Abstract 4 PDF | Downloads 4

Impact of Azadirachta indica Fruit Mucilage on particle size and swelling index in Central Composite Designed Acyclovir mucoadhesive microspheres

Gorantla Naresh Babu, Menaka Muthukaruppan, Hindustan Abdul Ahad
Abstract 3 PDF | Downloads 4

Evaluation of Some Heavy Metals, Their Fate and Transportation in Water, Sediment, and Some Biota within AL-Musayyib River, Babylon Governorate, Iraq

Jasim Mohammed Salman, Ashwak Falih Kaizal, Patryk Kot
Abstract 15 PDF | Downloads 10

Photonic Crystal Fiber Pollution Sensor Based on the Surface Plasmon Resonance Technology

Fatima Fadhil Abbas, Soudad S. Ahmed
Abstract 10 PDF | Downloads 5

Fusion Reaction Study of some Selected Halo Systems

Shaimaa A. Abbas, Aeshah Ali Hussein, Sarah M. Obaid, Noor Adil Mohammed
Abstract 15 PDF | Downloads 7

A Study of a-Si:H Absorption Edge Using Dunstan’s Model

Lana F. Sahal, Abdullah Al-Numan
Abstract 8 PDF | Downloads 7

Influence of Glow and Afterglow Times on the Discharge Current of Argon at Low Pressure

Ahmed Y. Owaid
Abstract 2 PDF | Downloads 2

Vol. 20 No. 1(SI) (2023): 1(Special Issue) ICAAM

Published: 2023-03-01

Approximate Solution of Sub diffusion Bio heat Transfer Equation

Jagdish Sonawane , Bahusaheb Sontakke, Kalyanrao Takale


Exploration of CPCD number for power graph

S. Anuthiya, G. Mahadevan, C. Sivagnanam


New Structures of Continuous Functions

B.R. Pattanashetti, P.G. Patil


Quotient Energy of Zero Divisor Graphs And Identity Graphs

M. Lalitha Kumari, L. Pandiselvi, K. Palani





Topological Structures on Vertex Set of Digraphs

K. Lalithambigai, P. Gnanachandra


Some New Results on Lucky Labeling

J. Ashwini, S.Pethanachi Selvam, R.B. Gnanajothi


Quotient on some Generalizations of topological group

A. Muneesh Kumar, P. Gnanachandra , B. Ananda Priya


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