Analysing Iraqi Railways Network by Applying Specific Criteria Using the GIS Techniques

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Naji et al.


The railways network is one of the huge infrastructure projects. Therefore, dealing with these projects such as analyzing and developing should be done using appropriate tools, i.e. GIS tools. Because, traditional methods will consume resources, time, money and the results maybe not accurate. In this research, the train stations in all of Iraq’s provinces were studied and analyzed using network analysis, which is one of the most powerful techniques within GIS. A free trial copy of ArcGIS®10.2 software was used in this research in order to achieve the aim of this study. The analysis of current train stations has been done depending on the road network, because people used roads to reach those train stations. The data layers for this study were collected and prepared to meet the requirements of network analyses within GIS. In this study, the current train stations in Iraq were analyzed and studied depending on accessibility value for those stations.  Also, to know the numbers of people who can reach those stations within a walking time of 20 minutes. So, this study aims to analyze the current train stations according to multiple criteria by using network analysis in order to find the serviced areas around those stations. Results will be presented as digital maps layers with their attribute tables that show the beneficiaries from those train stations and serviced areas around those stations depending on specific criteria, with a view to determine the size of this problem and to support the decision makers in case of locating new train stations within the best locations for it.


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