Preparation of Industrial Greases from Aircraft Waste Oils Nibal H. Rasheed | Noor K. Rasheed | Engam A. Abd –Alsada

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Baghdad Science Journal


The aim of this research is to benefit from recycl the aircraft waste oils which is discarded in sewage network, to be used in preparation of greases for industrial purposes and to reduce the environmental pollution. In this research synthetic greases were prepared with special specifications by mixing the waste oils after treating with (silica gel as adsorbent agent, and filtration to precipitate impurities then heated to 110 C? to get rid of water) bentonite produced in Iraq which is available and cheap with existence of high density polyethylene at specific conditions of ( heating and mixing) . The best weight proportion were reached, then paraffin wax and additives were added to improve the properties of grease and give the best specification for the final product. The properties of the resulting grease and the oil before and after processing were studied through the steps of the research such as viscosity, penetration and dropping point.


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