Eye Detection using Helmholtz Principle

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Ahmed et al.


            Eye Detection is used in many applications like pattern recognition, biometric, surveillance system and many other systems. In this paper, a new method is presented to detect and extract the overall shape of one eye from image depending on two principles Helmholtz & Gestalt. According to the principle of perception by Helmholz, any observed geometric shape is perceptually "meaningful" if its repetition number is very small in image with random distribution. To achieve this goal, Gestalt Principle states that humans see things either through grouping its similar elements or recognize patterns. In general, according to Gestalt Principle, humans see things through general description of these things. This paper utilizes these two principles to recognize and extract eye part from image. Java programming language and OpenCV library for image processing are used for this purpose. Good results are obtained from this proposed method, where 88.89% was obtained as a detection rate taking into account that the average execution time is about 0.23 in seconds.


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