Study of contrast between satellite image data and ground data Ali Abdalrudha Ajeel|Ahmed Kadhim Owaid

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Spot panchromatic satellite image had been employed to study and know the difference Between ground and satellite data( DN ,its values varies from 0-255) where it is necessary to convert these DN values to absolute radiance values through special equations ,later it converted to spectral reflectance values .In this study a monitoring of the environmental effect resulted from throwing the sewage drainages pollutants (industrial and home) into the Tigris river water in Mosul, was achieved, which have an effect mostly on physical characters specially color and turbidity which lead to the variation in Spectral Reflectance of the river water ,and it could be detected by using many remote sensing techniques. The contaminated areas within the water of the river which represents the difference in the reflectance values were isolated and signed, as well as the field estimations, which had been done by using spectrometer device, which gave an acceptable agreement with satellite data considering time difference between these estimations.
satellite imagery analysis program ERDAS version 8.4 was used to determine the values of Spectral Reflectance in the satellite image. A geographic information systems through the ARC INFO has been used to draw photo map of the study area determined it specific sites of measuring the Reflectance, which represent areas that are near the sources of pollution and the other various regions along the river.


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