Survey study on Cholera Disease in South Baghdad Mohammed J. L. Al-Obaidi

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Baghdad Science Journal


The study includes collection of data about cholera disease from six health centers from nine locations with 2500km2 and a population of 750000individual. The average of infection for six centers during the 2000-2003 was recorded. There were 3007 cases of diarrhea diagnosed as cholera caused by Vibrio cholerae. The percentage of male infection was 14. 7% while for female were 13. 2%. The percentage of infection for children (less than one year) was 6.1%, it while for the age (1-5 years) was 6.9%and for the ages more than 5 years was 14.5%.The total percentage of the patients stayed in hospital was 7.7%(4.2%for male and 3.4%for female). The bacteria was isolated and identified from 7cases in the Central Laboratory for Health in Baghdad. In one case of there is bacteria the patient do not suffer from the symposia of disease. The statistical analysis showed significant differences between the infection of male and female and there is a significant differences of age and months of summer and winter


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