Study the Effects of Olive Leaves Extracts in the activity of the enzyme GOT and their Biological Activities Emad Mahmoud Eltayef

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The olive tree, has been used it is important plant for the time being some of their parts on a large scale in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders and stimulate circulation . Moreover, it is used as antibacterial material and also to address some of the respiratory system, diabetes, food preservation osteoporosis. This study involved the collection of olive leaves from different areas in Baghdad / Iraq. These leaves have been harvested, wash it, then dried and crushed, where the study aimed to identify the active ingredients and chemical elements in the olive leaf as well as its effect on the action of GOT enzyme .The study showed that the aqueous extracts (cold and hot) of the olive leaves powder are acidic in nature pH values are of (5.74 and 5.40) for the aqueous extracts hot and cold respectively. Study revealed the extract contain the a collection of Glycosides, tannins, phenolic compounds, resins, flavonoids, alkaloids, terpenes and compound Alaolurobin. The study also showed ability to activate the enzyme GOT in cold aqueous extract (8.36%). and the percentage (27.35%) of hot aqueous extract. That can be analyzed to the presence of higher concentrations of the active compounds in hot aqueous extract compared with cold aqueous extract especially tannins working to activate enzymes carrier in the cell membrane in the body. The study showed that the analysis of thin layer chromatography, liquid high-performance, ( TLC, HPLC) in extract compounds of phenols olive leaf using a mixture (chloroform, acetic acid) and a 2:5 was more impact in the Gram-positive Staphylococcus aureus, while less impact in a negative Gram Salmonella typhimurium. As proved accurate analysis of the chemical elements in powder of plant leaf olive tree and at different concentrations contain of chemical elements Major estimated by (g /kg) and trace estimated by (mg/kg). Since the existence of these elements led to increasing of enzymatic effectiveness through an increase process of activity the enzyme (GOT), which plays role of important in our bodies being gives indication of the nature of the work and effectiveness of the activity of some members of the body (liver, kidney, pancreas, etc.).


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