Phytoplankton primary production in southern Iraqi marshes after restoration

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F. M. Hassan
A. A. Al-Kubaisi
A. H. Talib
D. S. Abdulah
W. D. Taylor


Primary productivity and chlorophyll-a were used in this study to monitor the restoration process of southern Iraqi marshes (Al-Hewaizeh, central marshes, and Al-Hammar). The phytoplankton primary productivity was based on oxygen light/dark bottle method. Two different depths samples were taken monthly from six studied marshes stations (two stations for each marsh) during November 2005 to October 2006, while chlorophyll-a samples taken from surface water. The phytoplankton primary productivity values ranged 9.38 – 249.79 mg C/ for all marshes, its values for surface water sample ranged 11.71 – 256.24 mg C/, while for 1m depth ranged 9.38 – 142.5 mg C/ Chlorophyll-a values ranged between (1.1 – 21.26) µg/l indicating high values of productivity in the studied marshes comparing with other aquatic Iraqi ecosystems. Also, dissolved oxygen and oxygen saturation rate were measured in this study.


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Hassan FM, Al-Kubaisi AA, Talib AH, Abdulah DS, Taylor WD. Phytoplankton primary production in southern Iraqi marshes after restoration. Baghdad Sci.J [Internet]. 2011 Mar. 13 [cited 2023 May 28];8(1):519-30. Available from: