Induction of antioxidant enzymes in wheat (Triticum spp.) grown under salt stress Ismail K. Al-Samerria|Saadi M. Al-Ghrairi|Hamad Allah S. Rahi

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A pot culture experiment was conducted at the greenhouse of soil and water resources department in College of Agriculture, University of Baghdad in Abo-Ghraib at season 2009-2010 to investigate the effects of using foliar application of some macro and micronutrients in induce antioxidant enzymes in wheat grown under salt stress . Doar85 planted under three levels of salt stress, and three combinations of foliar application were used from nutrients (K+ Ca) at 3000 and 1500 mg.L-1 respectively, and (Fe + Zn + Mn) at 30, 20, and 10 mg.L-1 respectively , and ( K+ Ca) + (Fe+ Zn + Mn).
The results showed that increasing levels of sodium chloride in the irrigation of water significantly increased at p<0.05 level SOD and POD activity ,while CAT activity was decreased in leaves of wheat, and dry matter yield of wheat plants. The results obtained showed that there was significant differences at p<0.05 level between wheat cultivars in their responses to salt stress.
Also the results showed that application of foliar fertilizers led to significant decrease at p<0.05 level in SOD and CAT activity in leaves in all levels of sodium chloride compare with control, while CAT activity was increased. Results revealed that combination of ( K+ Ca) + (Fe+ Zn + Mn) was significantly superior to other treatments for all Parameters, when irrigated with saline water of 50 and 100 mM NaCl . L-1 compared with no foliar fertilizers . That is clearly show the importance of foliar application in justification and induction of antioxidant enzymes and alleviation of the adverse effect of salt stress on growth of wheat .


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