Parallel Computing for Sorting Algorithms Zainab T. Baqer

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The expanding use of multi-processor supercomputers has made a significant impact on the speed and size of many problems. The adaptation of standard Message Passing Interface protocol (MPI) has enabled programmers to write portable and efficient codes across a wide variety of parallel architectures. Sorting is one of the most common operations performed by a computer. Because sorted data are easier to manipulate than randomly ordered data, many algorithms require sorted data. Sorting is of additional importance to parallel computing because of its close relation to the task of routing data among processes, which is an essential part of many parallel algorithms.
In this paper, sequential sorting algorithms, the parallel implementation of many sorting methods in a variety of ways using MPICH.NT.1.2.3 library under C++ programming language and comparisons between the parallel and sequential implementations are presented. Then, these methods are used in the image processing field. It have been built a median filter based on these submitted algorithms. As the parallel platform is unavailable, the time is computed in terms of a number of computations steps and communications steps


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