Semihollow-Lifting Modules and Projectivity

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Anfal Hasan Dheyab
Mukdad Qaess Hussain
Rana Aziz Yousif


Throughout this paper, T is a ring with identity and F is a unitary left module over T. This paper study the relation between semihollow-lifting modules and semiprojective covers. proposition 5 shows that If T is semihollow-lifting, then every semilocal T-module has semiprojective cover. Also, give a condition under which a quotient of a semihollow-lifting module having a semiprojective cover. proposition 2 shows that if K is a projective module. K is semihollow-lifting if and only if For every submodule A of K with K/( A) is hollow, then K/( A) has a semiprojective cover.


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Dheyab AH, Hussain MQ, Yousif RA. Semihollow-Lifting Modules and Projectivity. Baghdad Sci.J [Internet]. 2022 Aug. 1 [cited 2023 Sep. 25];19(4):0811. Available from:


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