Some Types of Mappings in Bitopological Spaces

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G. S. Ashaea
Yousif Yaqoub


            This work, introduces some concepts in bitopological spaces, which are nm-j-ω-converges to a subset, nm-j-ω-directed toward a set, nm-j-ω-closed mappings, nm-j-ω-rigid set, and nm-j-ω-continuous mappings. The mainline idea in this paper is nm-j-ω-perfect mappings in bitopological spaces such that n = 1,2  and m =1,2 n m. Characterizations concerning these concepts and several theorems are studied, where j = q , δ, a , pre, b, b.



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Ashaea GS, Yaqoub Y. Some Types of Mappings in Bitopological Spaces . Baghdad Sci.J [Internet]. 2021Mar.10 [cited 2021Apr.13];18(1):0149. Available from:


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