Voice Identification Using MFCC and Vector Quantization

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Bassel Alkhatib
Mohammad Madian Waleed Kamal Eddin


The speaker identification is one of the fundamental problems in speech processing and voice modeling. The speaker identification applications include authentication in critical security systems and the accuracy of the selection. Large-scale voice recognition applications are a major challenge. Quick search in the speaker database requires fast, modern techniques and relies on artificial intelligence to achieve the desired results from the system. Many efforts are made to achieve this through the establishment of variable-based systems and the development of new methodologies for speaker identification. Speaker identification is the process of recognizing who is speaking using the characteristics extracted from the speech's waves like pitch, tone, and frequency. The speaker's models are created and saved in the system environment and used to verify the identity required by people accessing the systems, which allows access to various services that are controlled by voice, speaker identification involves two main parts: the first part is the feature extraction and the second part is the feature matching.


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