Comparison of Conventional and Aerobic Iandfill Simulator Reactors (case study; Kirkuk city, Iraq)

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Aeesha Falah Omar
Jathwa Ibrahim Al-ameen


Under aerobic and anaerobic conditions, two laboratory-scale reactors were operated. Each reactor
was packed with 8.5 kg of shredded synthetic solid waste (less than 5 cm) that was prepared according to an
average composition of domestic solid waste in the city of Kirkuk. Using an air compressor, aerobic
conditions were created in the aerobic reactor. This study shows that the aerobic reactor was more efficient in
COD and BOD5 removal which were 97.88% and 91.25% while in case of anaerobic reactor, they were
66.53%and 19.11%, respectively.


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Omar AF, Al-ameen JI. Comparison of Conventional and Aerobic Iandfill Simulator Reactors (case study; Kirkuk city, Iraq). Baghdad Sci.J [Internet]. 2021Dec.1 [cited 2021Dec.4];18(4):1157. Available from:


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