An Efficient Algorithm for Fuzzy Linear Fractional Programming Problems via Ranking Function

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Rasha Jalal Mitlif


In many applications such as production, planning, the decision maker is important in optimizing an objective function that has fuzzy ratio two functions which can be handed using fuzzy fractional programming problem technique. A special class of optimization technique named fuzzy fractional programming problem is considered in this work when the coefficients of objective function are fuzzy. New ranking function is proposed and used to convert the data of the fuzzy fractional programming problem from fuzzy number to crisp number so that the shortcoming when treating the original fuzzy problem can be avoided. Here a novel ranking function approach of ordinary fuzzy numbers is adopted for ranking of triangular fuzzy numbers with simpler and easier calculations as well as shortening in the procedures. The fuzzy fractional programming problem is the first reduced to a fractional programming problem and then solved with the technique to obtain the optimal solution. It has a power to give a best solution for supporting the solution theory proposed in this work, some numerical fuzzy fractional programming problem are included to ensure the advantage, efficiency and accuracy of the suggested algorithm. In addition, this research paper describes a comparison between our optimal solutions with other existing solutions for inequalities constrains fuzzy fractional program.


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