The Energy Spectra and Heat Capacity of GaAs Gaussian Quantum Dot in an External Magnetic Field

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Mohammad Elsaid
Mahmoud Ali
Ayham Shaer


In this paper, a theoretical study of the energy spectra and the heat capacity of one electron quantum dot with Gaussian Confinement in an external magnetic field are presented. Using the exact diagonalization technique, the Hamiltonian of the Gaussian Quantum Dot (GQD) including the electron spin is solved. All the elements in the energy matrix are found in closed form. The eigenenergies of the electron were displayed as a function of magnetic field, Gaussian confinement potential depth and quantum dot size. Explanations to the behavior of the quantum dot heat capacity curve, as a function of external applied magnetic field and temperature, are presented.


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Elsaid M, Ali M, Shaer A. The Energy Spectra and Heat Capacity of GaAs Gaussian Quantum Dot in an External Magnetic Field. Baghdad Sci.J [Internet]. 2021Jun.1 [cited 2021Dec.4];18(2):0409. Available from:


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