Improved Image Security in Internet of Thing (IOT) Using Multiple Key AES

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Khadeeja Gebor Salim
Saif M. Kh. Al-alak
Majid Jabbar Jawad


Image is an important digital information that used in many internet of things (IoT) applications such as transport, healthcare, agriculture, military, vehicles and wildlife. etc. Also, any image has very important characteristic such as large size, strong correlation and huge redundancy, therefore, encrypting it by using single key Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) through IoT communication technologies makes it vulnerable to many threats, thus, the pixels that have the same values will be encrypted to another pixels that have same values when they use the same key. The contribution of this work is to increase the security of transferred image. This paper proposed multiple key AES algorithm (MECCAES) to improve the security of the transmitted image through IoT. This approach is evaluated via applying it on RGB bmp images and analyzing the results using standard metrics such as entropy, histogram, correlation, Peak Signal-to-Noise Ratio (PSNR) and Mean Square Error (MES) metrics. Also, the time for encryption and decryption for the proposed MECCAES is the same time consumed by original single key AES is 12 second(the used image size is 12.1MB therefore time is long). The performance experiments show that this scheme achieves confidentiality also it encourages to use effectively in a wide IoTs fields to secure transmitted image.


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Salim KG, Al-alak SMK, Jawad MJ. Improved Image Security in Internet of Thing (IOT) Using Multiple Key AES . Baghdad Sci.J [Internet]. 2021Jun.1 [cited 2021Dec.4];18(2):0417. Available from:


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