Projective MDS Codes Over GF(27)‎

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Emad Bakr Abdulkareem Al-Zangana


MDS code is a linear code that achieves equality in the Singleton bound, and projective MDS (PG-MDS) is MDS code with independents property of any two columns of its generator matrix.   In this paper, elementary methods for modifying a PG-MDS code of dimensions 2, 3, as extending and lengthening, in order to find new incomplete PG-MDS codes have been used over . Also, two complete PG-MDS codes over  of length  and 28 have been found.


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Abdulkareem Al-Zangana EB. Projective MDS Codes Over GF(27)‎. Baghdad Sci.J [Internet]. 2021Jun.20 [cited 2021Dec.4];18(2(Suppl.):1125. Available from:


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