New and Existing Approaches Reviewing of Big Data Analysis with Hadoop Tools

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Watheq Ghanim Mutasher
Abbas Fadhil Aljuboori


Everybody is connected with social media like (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram…etc.) that generate a large quantity of data and which traditional applications are inadequate to process. Social media are regarded as an important platform for sharing information, opinion, and knowledge of many subscribers. These basic media attribute Big data also to many issues, such as data collection, storage, moving, updating, reviewing, posting, scanning, visualization, Data protection, etc. To deal with all these problems, this is a need for an adequate system that not just prepares the details, but also provides meaningful analysis to take advantage of the difficult situations, relevant to business, proper decision, Health, social media, science, telecommunications, the environment, etc. Authors notice through reading of previous studies that there are different analyzes through HADOOP and its various tools such as the sentiment in real-time and others. However, dealing with this Big data is a challenging task. Therefore, such type of analysis is more efficiently possible only through the Hadoop Ecosystem. The purpose of this paper is to analyze literature related analysis of big data of social media using the Hadoop framework for knowing almost analysis tools existing in the world under the Hadoop umbrella and its orientations in addition to difficulties and modern methods of them to overcome challenges of big data in offline and real –time processing. Real-time Analytics accelerates decision-making along with providing access to business metrics and reporting. Comparison between Hadoop and spark has been also illustrated.


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Mutasher WG, Aljuboori AF. New and Existing Approaches Reviewing of Big Data Analysis with Hadoop Tools. Baghdad Sci.J [Internet]. 2022 Aug. 1 [cited 2023 Dec. 8];19(4):0887. Available from:


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