A Novel Technique for Secure Data Cryptosystem Based on Chaotic Key Image Generation

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Mustafa Dhiaa Al-Hassani


The advancements in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), within the previous decades, has significantly changed people’s transmit or store their information over the Internet or networks. So, one of the main challenges is to keep these information safe against attacks. Many researchers and institutions realized the importance and benefits of cryptography in achieving the efficiency and effectiveness of various aspects of secure communication.This work adopts a novel technique for secure data cryptosystem based on chaos theory. The proposed algorithm generate 2-Dimensional key matrix having the same dimensions of the original image that includes random numbers obtained from the 1-Dimensional logistic chaotic map for given control parameters, which is then processed by converting the fractional parts of them through a function into a set of non-repeating numbers that leads to a vast number of unpredicted probabilities (the factorial of rows times columns). Double layers of rows and columns permutation are made to the values of numbers for a specified number of stages. Then, XOR is performed between the key matrix and the original image, which represent an active resolve for data encryption for any type of files (text, image, audio, video, … etc). The results proved that the proposed encryption technique is very promising when tested on more than 500 image samples according to security measurements where the histograms of cipher images are very flatten compared with that for original images, while the averages of Mean Square Error is very high (10115.4) and Peak Signal to Noise Ratio is very low (8.17), besides Correlation near zero and Entropy close to 8 (7.9975).


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