IoT System on Dynamic Fish Feeder Based on Fish Existence for Agriculture Aquaponic Breeders

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Murizah Kassim
Muhammad Zulhelmi Zulkifli
Assoc. Prof. Ir, Ts. Dr. Norsuzila Ya'acob
Ir. Dr. Shahrani Shahbudin


Maintaining and breeding fish in a pond are a crucial task for a large fish breeder. The main issues for fish breeders are pond management such as the production of food for fishes and to maintain the pond water quality. The dynamic or technological system for breeders has been invented and becomes important to get maximum profit return for aquaponic breeders in maintaining fishes. This research presents a developed prototype of a dynamic fish feeder based on fish existence. The dynamic fish feeder is programmed to feed where sensors detected the fish's existence. A microcontroller board NodeMCU ESP8266 is programmed for the developed hardware. The controller controls the feeding and feedback mechanism based on attached sensors. An ultrasonic sensor is programmed with the controller to detect the level of food and waterproof ultrasonic to detect existing fish. The humidity sensor was used to measure the humidity in the food container to control the food freshness. Two servo motors were used to move the waterproof sensor to attract the fish and to dispense the food to the fish when existed. The result presents four measured levels that are the temperature of the food container, the quality of food based on humidity measured, fish detection counter and level of fish food in the container. Data analytics on all the measured levels was presented on the ThingSpeak platform by using Blynk to get data collections from all sensors. This research is significant for fish breeders that support IR4.0 system connected online and mobile apps which also contribute to today’s agriculture.


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Kassim M, Zulkifli MZ, Ya’acob N, Shahbudin S. IoT System on Dynamic Fish Feeder Based on Fish Existence for Agriculture Aquaponic Breeders. Baghdad Sci.J [Internet]. 2021 Dec. 20 [cited 2024 Feb. 22];18(4(Suppl.):1448. Available from:


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