Some New Results on Lucky Labeling

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J. Ashwini
S.Pethanachi Selvam
R.B. Gnanajothi


Czerwi’nski et al. introduced Lucky labeling in 2009 and Akbari et al and A.Nellai Murugan et al studied it further. Czerwi’nski defined Lucky Number of graph as follows: A labeling of vertices of a graph G is called a Lucky labeling if  for every pair of adjacent vertices u and v in G where . A graph G may admit any number of lucky labelings. The least integer k for which a graph G has a lucky labeling from the set 1, 2, k is the lucky number of G denoted by η(G). This paper aims to determine the lucky number of Complete graph Kn, Complete bipartite graph Km,nand Complete tripartite graph Kl,m,n. It has also been studied how the lucky number changes while adding a graph G with Knand deleting an edge e from Kn.


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Ashwini J, Selvam S, Gnanajothi R. Some New Results on Lucky Labeling. Baghdad Sci.J [Internet]. 2023 Mar. 1 [cited 2023 Mar. 21];20(1(SI):0365. Available from:


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