Multifocus Images Fusion Based On Homogenity and Edges Measures Heba K.Abbas|Ali A. Al-Zuky|Anwar H.Mahdy

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Baghdad Science Journal


Image fusion is one of the most important techniques in digital image processing, includes the development of software to make the integration of multiple sets of data for the same location; It is one of the new fields adopted in solve the problems of the digital image, and produce high-quality images contains on more information for the purposes of interpretation, classification, segmentation and compression, etc. In this research, there is a solution of problems faced by different digital images such as multi focus images through a simulation process using the camera to the work of the fuse of various digital images based on previously adopted fusion techniques such as arithmetic techniques (BT, CNT and MLT), statistical techniques (LMM, RVS and WT) and spatial techniques (HPFA, HFA and HFM). As these techniques have been developed and build programs using the language MATLAB (b 2010). In this work homogeneity criteria have been suggested for evaluation fused digital image's quality, especially fine details. This criterion is correlation criteria to guess homogeneity in different regions within the image by taking a number of blocks of different regions in the image and different sizes and work shifted blocks per pixel. As dependence was on traditional statistical criteria such as (mean, standard deviation, and signal to noise ratio, mutual information and spatial frequency) and compared with the suggested criteria to the work. The results showed that the evaluation process was effective and well because it took into measure the quality of the homogenous regions.


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Journal BS. Multifocus Images Fusion Based On Homogenity and Edges Measures: Heba K.Abbas|Ali A. Al-Zuky|Anwar H.Mahdy. Baghdad Sci.J [Internet]. 2014Jun.1 [cited 2021Sep.22];11(2):660-72. Available from:

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