Published: 2023-04-01

Iraqi porcelanite Rocks for Efficient Removal of Safranin Dye from Aqueous Solution

Eman Talib Kareem, Ali Hussein Chafat, Muneer A. Al-Da’amy


COVID-19 Diagnosis Using Spectral and Statistical Analysis of Cough Recordings Based on the Combination of SVD and DWT

Thabit Sultan Mohammed, Awni Ismail Sultan, Khattab M. Ali Alheeti, Karim Mohammed Aljebory, Hasan Ismail Sultan, Muzhir Shaban Al-Ani


Fusion Reaction Study of some Selected Halo Systems

Shaimaa A. Abbas, Aeshah Ali Hussein, Sarah M. Obaid, Noor Adil Mohammed


Correlation Expression between P52 and BCL2 among Iraqi Women with Breast Carcinoma

Israa Mahdi Al-Sudani, Ali Hussein Mohammed Ali AlKhafaji , Reyadh Salim Mohammed


Honeyword Generation Using a Proposed Discrete Salp Swarm Algorithm

Yasser A. Yasser , Ahmed T. Sadiq, DR. Wasim AlHamdani


Some K-Banhatti Polynomials of First Dominating David Derived Networks

Anjaneyulu Mekala, Vijaya Chandra Kumar U, R. Murali


Detour Polynomials of Generalized Vertex Identified of Graphs

Ahmed M. Ali, Haveen J. Ahmed, Gashaw A. Mohammed Saleh